Afforai helps researchers conduct literature review, summarize, and compare hundreds of papers reliable with data citations with every answer. Using the Semantic Scholar API, researchers can supplement Afforai AI research assistant verified knowledge from a 128 million peer-reviewed research papers database.

The founders of Afforai are themselves academic researchers who recognized the need for a robust research assistant tool. Their firsthand experience in the field of research has informed the development of Afforai, ensuring that it enhances the capabilities of researchers rather than replacing them.

Afforai lets users easily connect/disconnect hundreds of documents to Afforai to summarize, compare, search info. This ensures a more efficient and thorough comparison and summarization of academic literature. Every answer from Afforai comes with verifiable and reliable data citations. The File Viewer feature enhances this by highlighting the exact paragraphs from which information is sourced by the AI.

Afforai is a powerful yet cost-effective solution for conducting research, with a Free plan and the Pro plan priced at less than half the cost of ChatGPT.

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