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Collaborating with academic publishers to build a trustworthy and authoritative scientific knowledge graph

With millions of scholars visiting the site each month, academic publishers partner with us to increase discoverability of their content and gain valuable insight into how scholars interact with their catalogue. More than 50 direct partnerships with publishers, data providers, and aggregators provide Semantic Scholar with content from 500+ academic journals, university presses, and scholarly societies around the globe.

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"The sheer volume of scientific content can be overwhelming for all researchers, no matter their field. As a publisher we must therefore support researchers in every way we can so that they can easily find and assess articles in the context of supporting material. Our expanded content indexing partnership with AI2 allows researchers to cut through the clutter and discover research relevant for them, which supports the advancement and acceleration of science and knowledge."

Henning Schoenenberger, Director, Product Data & Metadata Management, Springer Nature

"Our partnership opens up exciting opportunities for HighWire publishers to apply this powerful new source of metadata to their content repositories. It will enhance the discovery, search and browsing experiences of their researchers and users. Exactly how publishers leverage the metadata that Semantic Scholar creates will be driven by each publisher’s unique needs, and custom development work will be supported by HighWire’s professional services team."

Jim Longo, former Highwire staff member

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